Podcasts aren't like radio, and that's precisely why podcast advertising works, says Sarah Cotenoff, founder of The Bite Agency. Through The Bite, Sarah helps brands connect with podcasters and break through to their audiences. In this Q&A from Podcast Movement 2018, Cotenoff talks reveals how this digital audio channel combines the benefits of influencer marketing, direct marketing and brand building in one highly engaging, niche digital medium.

According to Cotenoff, the secret to making podcast advertising work for your brand is building a relationship with the podcaster and their audience. "Podcasting is not like digital in the way that ads work," she says. "You can't just do one spot and expect it to work. You have to hit the same person multiple times, a minimum of three, in order for the ad to work, for the listeners to start to recall it. So you're looking for a longer terms partnership."

Click on the video above for Cotenoff's tips for creating that long term relationship, why podcast ads may be most like influencer marketing, how to spend smart with your podcast advertising budget, and more.


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