Upcoming Webinars
  • Identity Resolution & Predictive Segmentation: Upping ROI Across the Marketing Cycle

    ROI. Marketers are driven by it. But how can marketers increase ROI? By marketing smarter. To do that, top brands realize customer identities are central to driving up profit. And tracking consumer identity using the right information is just the first step. To truly fuel informed marketing, marketers must introduce data analytics and segmentation into the mix. In this webinar, we’ll explore how consumer identity drives segmentation and what steps marketers must take to achieve success.

  • All About Marketing Tech Virtual Conference 2019

    The event will feature an opening keynote and a series of technology-focused case studies from marketing technology experts and providers. The program will help marketers sort through the ever expanding martech solutions and gain insight on investing in the right technologies and building a martech stack that best suits their needs.

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