In the eternal search for brand engagement, podcasts are emerging as a unique way for big brands to win over niche audiences. But there are no jingles here. Podcast sponsorship is not like a radio ad or any other type of audio content. It's all about contextual engagement.

In an exclusive interview from Podcast Movement 2018, Bryan Moffett, COO of National Public Media — the subsidiary responsible for all of NPR's sponsor relationships — reveals what makes podcasts so successful for NPR's sponsors, and how your brand can get into them, too.

"The good thing about podcasts is engagement is there pretty much wherever you go," says Moffett. "Swing a cat, you're going to find engagement in the podcast space. That's why it works so well."

However, just because the engagement is there doesn't mean any podcast will do, or any sponsorship, for that mater. The targeting and content are both essential to success.

"If I were a new brand coming in" to sponsor a podcast, says Moffett, "I would look for the right audiences. Because there's enough podcasting scale out there that you can find a niche and a contextual alignment with whatever audience you're looking for. .. Find the audience first, then you look for a podcast that speaks to that audience, and then you figure out how to tailor your message to speak authentically to that audience in the context of that show."

For more insights on how you do that from one of the kings of podcast marketing, be sure to watch the complete video above.

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