What Are You Measuring and Why?
April 9, 2014

An account manager working on a pharmaceutical brand once asked me, "How should we code the various opt-in vehicles to track how many patients opt-in from each?" My question back was, "Why do you want to know? What decision does it drive? You're not going to eliminate any opt-in vehicles because you want to give the patients the opportunity to opt-in at every available touchpoint." The manager replied, "Well, don't you think that would be nice to know?"

Reinventing Direct Marketers
July 31, 2013

Staying relevant requires reinventing your skills and marketing approaches. That's why today we're launching Reinventing Direct, a new blog where we share what we're learning about new direct marketing approaches in practical, easy-to-understand recommendations, all geared toward direct marketers, so you can reinvent yourself and become a catalyst for change in your organization