How does the make-up of your organization impact the marketing technologies your choose? How should it impact those decisions? David Skinner, SVP and head of strategic partnerships with Merkle, helps marketers across the world build their tech stacks. In this episode, recorded at Adobe Summit 2018, Skinner shares his insights on the state of the marketing cloud ecosystems today, why you should make data science a part of the marketing team, and the factors that lead to marketing technology success.

Beyond that, we also discuss how to make data science a part of marketing, and why you should probably avoid "Sheldons" when you're looking for a data scientist to work well with marketers.

Hear why he says: "The last two decades have been about digital, and marketers figuring out how to get digital right. The next decade is about data, and marketers will be going down this journey for the next 10 years figuring out how to get the data right."

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