Kamran Shah, director of corporate marketing with Silicon Labs, stops by the Marketing Garage to discuss the marketing technologies and strategies they use to optimize their B2B customer journey and the turnaround cycle for their sales reps.

Silicon Labs is one of the world’s leading makers of semi-conductors and other silicon products. With customers including Samsung, Huawei, LG and more of the biggest names in electronics manufacturing, the challenges Shah and his team face marketing to these business buyers are fundamentally different from those faced by consumer markets. That includes nurturing a complex buying process that could last 6 months or more, much of which happens off the marketing team’s radar and involves a multitude of very considered, technical specifications.

Using a tech stack that marries Adobe Experience Manager with Salesforce CRM, Shah’s team is able to recognize the landmarks in their customers’ buying journey, nurture them at the appropriate steps and hand them off to the sales team only when the customer and the salesperson are both ready to engage with each other.

It’s a complex engine that Shah says is, “all about intelligence about where people are and what they’re doing, and making that work at scale.” Listen to this episode to understand the philosophy and strategies that went into creating this top marketing machine.

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