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Darrell Lester is a former SVP and officer at PCH, the author of “the only book ever written about the sweepstakes giant,” and a part-time direct marketing consultant. Reach him at (516) 626-1189 or Directmailpiteam@aol.com.

I am about to reveal some untold secrets about sweepstakes. This information comes from 40 years of marketing experience, with 30 of them at the very private and secretive granddaddy of sweepstakes … Publishers Clearing House.

by Don Jackson The date: Nov. 10, 1999. The time: 16:52 Eastern Standard Time. The headline: "Allstate Announces New Business Approach Including Direct and Internet Sales." Now in the world of insurance marketing, and insurance direct marketing specifically, this qualifies as a momentous strategic initiative. After all, Allstate Corp. is the nation's largest publicly held personal lines insurance company. With the exception of State Farm Mutual Insurance Co., it writes more property and casualty (P&C) business than any other company in the United States. Allstate is number two, and apparently it is going to "try harder." "Try harder" to capture an increased

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