Trish Witkowski

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Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at 2014 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference & Expo.

Direct mail and folded format guru Trish Witkowski from will be here to share valuable insight from her nearly 20 years of groundbreaking industry research.

Trish will demystify the process of choosing the right format for the right audience or project, while inspiring her audience with strategies and techniques that put power and performance into print communications. She'll even back up her claims with real-world samples and compelling case studies you won't want to miss.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use format choice as a tool to engage
  • Exciting format ideas, tricks and dos and don'ts for both every budget
  • The methodology behind choosing the right format for your project
  • See real-world samples and case studies from both Who's Mailing What! and her famous library of print samples.

Click here to view this session.

When comparing direct mail to digital, we make a lot out of the tangible experience of opening the mail piece. But marketers often overlook how much you can do with that tangible material. With a few clever folds and formats, just opening the mailpiece can be an unforgettable experience for your customers and prospects. And every week, Trish Witkowski from Fold Factory shows off a new way to wow recipients with her Fold of the Week videos

When was the last time you sent your customer/prospect/member/donor/fan a message via email, direct mail or another channel? Have you gone silent because you don't think you have a reason to write? Too often, marketers only communicate with customers and prospects when they have something to sell. While that's a solid business objective, there are many other reasons to communicate that can help build your brand, strengthen customer loyalty and open new doors for two-way engagement across channels.

Since the dawn of the Web, people having been finding excuses to declare print dead. One of those has long been that it's not interactive or as flexible as digital communications. But what if your mailpiece could be just as interactive and flexible as any Web page?

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