Stuart Jordan

With March Madness beginning, it rapidly becomes clear that one win is nice, but it doesn’t ensure that your team will last through the first weekend. The “One and Done” scenario is similar in the direct mail arena, where one-year subscriptions and one-product-only purchases are certainly useful but don’t build success in the long run. Rather, you want to increase overall sales and orders; a.k.a., get more wins. To do that—and thus get more return per package—consider the following five ways to upgrade your current offer. To help craft this winning formula, Target Marketing leaned on two reputable “coaches” in the field: Alan

Searching for a different creative platform to test for your product or service? One that has worked well for various Kiplinger newsletters is the concept that the product is “too powerful” for the average person, says Denise Elliott, vice president of sales and marketing, Kiplinger, publisher of investment newsletters, magazines and guides. Elliott offered this idea during List Vision’s “50 DM Tips in 50 Minutes” session, moderated by direct marketing and circulation expert Stuart Jordan. According to Elliott, this message strategy challenges recipients to respond not only so they can assert that they are not “average” but also so recipients can ensure they are getting

An innovative format and prospect-focused slant have made the Johns Hopkins White Papers bookalog control the picture of direct mail health By Tracy A. Gill For more than 100 years, the name Johns Hopkins has been synonymous with quality healthcare and education. One of the nation's best hospitals and research centers, it routinely is recognized with the medical industry's top honors. With a reputation like that, it certainly makes sense to sit back and let your credentials sell your product. And for years, that's exactly how Johns Hopkins sold its condition-focused whitepaper continuity program, with an institutional and highly technical #10

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