Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson, president and CEO of Copresco in Carol Stream, Ill., is an executive with 40 years of experience in the graphic arts. He founded Copresco, a pioneer in digital printing technology and on-demand printing, in 1987. Email or visit

With the recent unveiling of iOS7, Apple appears to be taking a bold move away from its previous interface design aesthetic. The new OS abandons the traditionally skeuomorphic look and feel in favor of a distinctively flat design. Microsoft has been forwarding flat design in its Xbox 360 dashboards, the Windows 8 OS and even in the recent conversion of Hotmail to Outlook.

Recently, I came across several writings about bad marketing practices that I wanted to share with you. I thought they might help you with your own marketing plans and campaigns. The first is a 2012 survey conducted by Pitney Bowes. The accompanying report entitled “Why Some of Your Customers Are Just Not That into You” gives the results of the survey and identifies several marketing no-no’s, from the consumer’s perspective. At the top of the list of bad practices, receiving the highest percentage of negative feedback, is weekly emails. A whopping 89 percent of those surveyed found emails sent …

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