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If you have a Web presence and a universally applicable product, chances are you’re already running an international business. But have you given any thought to maximizing this opportunity with deliberate and targeted marketing efforts? Don’t leave potentially easy money on the table. One of the quickest ways to “globalize” your efforts is through effective online marketing. It’s cost-effective and yields immediate results—with a response curve that is much shorter than direct mail or other print-based channels. Here are three steps to start you on your way. 1. Engage in local search engine marketing. While search engine marketing is growing increasingly global, developing a local focus

A Checklist For Adapting Your U.S. Package For Overseas Markets By Lisa Yorgey Lester Your mail piece has a better chance of being opened and read abroad than it does at home; overseas markets receive far less direct mail than the United States. What's more, you may not have to start from scratch. Many U.S. direct marketers have scored big response rates by adapting their domestic control and mailing it abroad. It pays to stick close to winning U.S. creative. "You know it works with your customers," says Walt Terry, senior manager of international business development, circulation, for the National Geographic Society. For

By Lisa Yorgey Lester Get ready for another postal rate hike. International direct marketers can be sure global postage rates will go up this January, when terminal dues increase by 15 percent. Managed by the UPU, the terminal dues system is used to calculate the payments between countries for delivery of inward international mail. Payments are based on a percent of a country's domestic letter mail rate for delivering international mail received from other countries. Consequently, international postal rates will likely increase. Don't let a global postal increase eat into your bottom line. Much can be done to lower these ever-expanding costs. Here are

U.S. Direct Marketers Are Finding Success in Australia By Lisa A. Yorgey This year's Oscar race has been called an Australian invasion: Aussies were nominated in every award category. Indeed, this former British penal colony has permeated American pop culture—from Animal Planet's "Crocodile Hunter" to Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge." Interest in the land down under, however, extends beyond the world of entertainment. With a largely English-speaking population of about 23 million and a well-developed list market, Australia is one of the few bright spots in the Pacific Rim for U.S.-based international direct marketers. Direct marketing now represents half of all media spending

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