Saul Gitlin

Edited by Lisa Yorgey Lester When it comes to multicultural marketing, much ado has been made of front-end processes such as creative, and list and media selection. However, the back-end processes of direct marketing often get neglected. If you sell to the Hispanic market, is your database set up to handle multiple surnames? If customers respond to your Spanish-language offer via a toll-free number, are they greeted by a Spanish-speaking teleservices rep? As Gustovo Grüber of Banta Direct Marketing Group points out in "Shore Up Your Back-end," these all-important, but often ignored, back-end operational issues are key to solidifying customer relationships in ethnic

If you’re actively targeting Asian-Americans, you need to be able to attract and service them online. This market indexes higher than the general population in weekly Internet usage. To get a better perspective on how best to communicate with Asian-Americans via the Web, Target Marketing spoke with Saul Gitlin, executive vice president of strategic services and new business at Kang & Lee Advertising, a multicultural marketing consulting and communications agency that specializes in reaching Asian-American markets. Target Marketing: How actively do Asian-Americans use the Internet? Saul Gitlin: There have been many studies that have looked at Asian-American use of technology and the Internet. All these

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