Rudy Giuliani

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Google said it has seen a noticeable increase in activity on its vaunted Web-search in the two weeks since the company began one of the biggest search transformations in its history. People doing Web searches now see a big box of information and photos related to search queries such as sports teams (try typing “San Francisco Giants”), geography (try “Matterhorn”), attractions (try “Matterhorn Bobsleds”), celebrities (try “Pink”), and science (try “Jupiter” or “Einstein”) located prominently on the right of the search results page. Before the change, Google users might have seen relevant search ads, content boxes with information from …

This fall, freshman Congressman Michael McMahon, a Democrat, faces a strong challenge from Republican Michael Grimm, a former Marine and small business owner. Much of the fight for the 13th Congressional District, which includes all of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, is being waged in people’s mailboxes.

I am tired of PC. Not personal computers. I mean political correctness. When I read last Friday’s op-ed piece by Wall Street Journal editorial board member Stephen Moore about the Independence Institute bash in Colorado where there was “a whole lot of drinking, smoking and shooting, but thankfully not in that order,” I wanted to applaud. My favorite passages: These people are just dog tired of having the government tell them what to do: Buckle your seat belt, wear your bike helmet, don’t smoke, don’t shoot, teach your 8-year-olds to wear condoms—and, most of all, stop complaining and pay your taxes... There was a

By Alicia Orr Suman There is no denying it is difficult to maintain a "business as usual" attitude right now. The nation as a whole doesn't know what to expect next, and managers at direct marketing companies are no exception. One day the market is showing signs of life; the next it's in the dumps again. No one could have imagined, no less predicted, the horrible acts of terrorism of Sept. 11 and the anthrax scares that followed. At The Direct Marketing Association Conference in October, I spoke to executives at direct marketing and catalog companies, as well as the agencies and vendors they

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