Rebecca Lipscomb

The typical effort for a card continuity program involves an envelope or polybag to hold the sample cards, which demonstrate the quality of the product and give the prospect the chance to start the collection with the acquisition mailing. While the now-defunct Time Life Books mailed many magalogs to sell its book continuities, it is rare to see a self-mailer format for a card continuity—which is why this magalog received in September from Southern Living for its Five-Star Recipe Collection continuity program stands out. The 8" x 11", four-color magalog features a letter and an order card printed on card stock, plus

Personalization is pretty common when it comes to letters or freemium address labels. But it is not too often that one sees personalization on a reply sticker&emdash;like in the mailing for Leisure Arts' "Trash to Treasure" book (101LEIART0700). The book details ways for people to turn old or simple household items into arts and crafts. For example, used milk cartons can become an attractive bird house. In the 81Ú2" x 11" polywrap package for the book, Leisure Arts includes a letter, a "deco page" with pictures of Victorian art for recipients to cut out, a little booklet of free ideas, a lift letter, an

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