The following is a sample of lists available to reach this market: American Association of Individual Investors: 140,705 active paid members of an association that provides tools, data and guidance on investing. Price: $195/M. Call: MSI List Marketing, (847) 934-1111. InvestorsInsight Publishing: 156,742 six-month hotline names from this publisher of financial news products. Price: $135/M. Call: Teramedia, (407) 420-1108. Morningstar Dividend Investor: More than 12,123 subscribers who’ve paid up to $109 for a subscription to this monthly newsletter. Price: $155/M. Call Worldata, (561) 393-8200. The Kiplinger Letter: 123,891 subscribers to this weekly business outlook newsletter. Price: $150/M. Call: American List Counsel, (914) 524-5263. The Independent Adviser for

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