Phil Minix

By Phil Minix, senior vice president of catalog and tours marketing at Reiman Publications Let's face it: We've gotten spoiled by the fact that we can count on our staffs to answer calls promptly, take phone orders efficiently, easily process Web orders, ship products to customers in a timely fashion and have the merchandise arrive in good condition. Since the processes often run so smoothly, we sometimes take them for granted. But should we? Here are six suggestions on things we could be doing — as an industry — to make customers' experiences more enjoyable and rewarding, and to ensure they

By Alicia Orr Suman In the pre-digital era, most catalog production followed a natural workflow with content moving from the agency and photographer to the prepress house and then on to the printer. This is no longer always the case. The lines have become blurred regarding who among these vendors can provide each of the necessary production services, and often it's the color houses that are getting taken out of the loop. Now, thanks to advances that make the necessary technology more accessible, a growing number of design firms, photographers and printers are able to fulfill catalogers' prepress needs. Here are some of the

By Alicia Orr Suman Getting a catalog produced used to require a complex network of vendors and service suppliers and a dedicated staff person with a detailed schedule to coordinate them all. Today, many large catalog printers say they can take that burden off your hands. They now offer a variety of non-printing services—from digital photography and prepress to list selection and mailing. Some even will handle fulfillment for you. You may pay slightly more for some of the specialized services, but it may be worth a few extra dollars for the convenience that one-stop shopping provides. Perhaps a more important aspect

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