Nicole Skogg

We've been sharing details of a survey we completed earlier this year asking consumers about their "moments of need" (moments when their interest is piqued, moments when they want something and moments when they may be prompted to act) when viewing advertising and whether mobile opportunities could satisfy those needs.

The last "Meeting Mobile Consumer Needs" article talked about whether consumers liked marketing and advertising, and whether it increased their desire or interest for products and services. Research validated that marketing and advertising does impact consumers’ curiosity and desire. But, the research also indicated

Marketers strive to develop and effectively distribute influential marketing and advertising. We wanted to find out what happens when a consumer notices and is motivated by marketing. To better understand those moments and what mobile satisfaction means for consumers, we just completed a study with Research Now

Companies such as Taco Bell, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wendy’s and a few others are all in the process of being sued by Neomedia for patent infringement. In essence, Neomedia’s case is that these companies, "By making and/or using QR Codes that indirectly link to a webserver," are infringing US Patent 6,199,048 "System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network" and US Patent 8,131,597 "System and method for using an ordinary article of commerce to access a remote computer." Last month, Neomedia sued North America’s largest arts and crafts specialty retailer, Michaels Stores

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