Mike Ertel

I know you've heard it this year: the directive to spend less money in the mail! But at the same time, you're also asked to somehow maintain or even increase ROI with your direct mail program. Whether it's because you need to spend more money in other channels — notably, email — than in previous years or simply because the economic pressures have come to bear, there's never been a better time to closely examine your mail program and look where you can save money.

With channels like email and mobile and social media monopolizing budget dollars and strategic attention, direct mail can be likened to the forgotten leftovers from last week's dinner. Sure, there are savings that come with internet and mobile channels but, savings and profit can still be realized when executing postal campaigns.

We're here to argue that direct marketing still deserves its place as the major part of the multichannel campaign.  In this DirectMarketingIQ webinar, our expert panelists will outline how and why direct mail is a major leader in ROI for those that use it.

As an attendee, you'll learn:
-About the many postal discounts that mailers can take advantage of.
- How to ensure you're never penalized for non-compliance with ever-changing USPS standards and regulations.
-How to reduce postage by integrating commingling and destination entry logistics.
-The formats that lower cost for mailers and may also spark higher response.
-How strategies to effectively manage drop dates, in-home dates, cycle time and speed to market can reap savings.
-How to integrate social media into print, an inexpensive strategy that can pay huge dividends down the road.
-The cost savings benefit of using a QR code on a mail piece, as well as how best to implement.

Registration fee: $79

Sponsored by MSP

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