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By Paul Barbagallo Motorcycle Madness was once a condition that almost solely infected the 350-pound Hell's Angel type who lives in old blue jeans and dirty leather. Today, motorcycling in America is more for sport than for transportation, and it is more popular with all ranges of society than at any other time, says Buzz Kanter, editor in chief and publisher of motorcycle magazines American Iron and RoadBike. "Our readers range from dentists to guys missing teeth," Kanter jokes. "We have found much of the growing popularity with motorcycles is from people well into their careers, usually in their late

By Paul Barbagallo Currently, 15 million small businesses are active in America, if you define a small business as an enterprise with one to 500 employees. By the fourth quarter of 2002, more than half of these small businesses saw improvement in sales from the three previous quarters, according to a survey conducted by Business Know-How, a small business online service for home office professionals and small businesses. A recent study by financial experts Cattles Invoice Finance reveals that, compared to 2001, almost 80 percent of small companies and self-run businesses enjoyed the same or higher profits in 2002, even though just under

By Paul Barbagallo In just four decades, the U.S. Hispanic market has more than quadrupled in size, from 6.9 million potential consumers in 1960 to more than 35.3 million in 2000. Hispanic buying power is increasing faster than that of any other minority group, notes Jeff Humpreys, director of the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. The U.S. Hispanic population currently represents approximately $600 billion in total household spending. Humpreys projects that by 2007, Hispanic buying power will top $926.1 billion. "There's been a huge boom," confirms Lori Collins, director of business development, FocusUSA, a list

by Lori Collins An imbalance exists in the amount of weight placed on the list broker's shoulders in comparison to the other players in our industry. Many articles have been published criticizing the expanding role and performance of the list broker. As a former list broker, I can relate to the mailer's expectations, and I know how important it is for brokers to go the extra mile. The quintessential persona of a traditional list broker just doesn't cut it anymore. It's true that list brokers are expected to do more; but face it, they can't do it alone. In this economy

Targeting this close-knit niche can be hard, but also rewarding By Brendan Maher As far as market share goes, Christmas is the clear winner over Hanukkah. Its popularity as a major marketing event isn't even matched by the Super Bowl (yet). At least one person tried to change that: "So, if it feels like you're the only kid on the block without a Christmas tree, here's a list of people that are Jewish just like you and me." Saturday Night Live's Adam Sandler may have been joking when he went on to list famous Jews from David Lee Roth to Mr. Spock in

Not since the days of the Spanish Empire—when armada galleons roamed the high seas and conquistadors traversed North America—has Spanish culture had such a pervasive influence on mainstream American culture. Consider some of the biggest names in entertainment today: former Menudo member Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Mark Anthony, Enrique Isglesias … the list goes on. Also, Santana has made a huge comeback, and this year saw the prime time broadcast of the first annual Latin Grammy Awards. Underlying this fascination with the Latino culture is the size and anticipated growth rate of the U.S. Hispanic community, coupled with a saturated and

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