Liz Safford

Currently vice president of strategic marketing in the consumer and member marketing group at National Geographic Society, Liz Safford has been directly involved with all aspects of both acquisition and retention marketing for the Society. Previously she directed renewal, gift and billing activities for U.S. News & World Report. She now takes a moment to sound off on the extinction of sweepstakes as a circulation builder, the growth of innovative young marketing talent and how her days working at a bank in Colorado spurred a career in direct marketing. Q: What was your first job? A: My first job was working as a

by Janet Follmeyer When looking at a long-term control, the million-dollar question that springs to mind is, "What makes this particular mailing so successful?" For the National Geographic Society's 10-year control for its magazine, National Geographic, the answer is simple: testing and adapting. Liz Safford, the magazine's circulation director, stresses the key role that testing has played in the package's success. "I started working for the Society when the package rolled out, so I have worked with all the changes that enabled this package to be so successful. It hasn't been static; it has evolved. We have tested the package, which makes it

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