Laura Stevens

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Third-party sellers on Amazon woke up Sunday to find the e-tailer was discounting their products. The marketers may not have noticed the discounts of as much as 9 percent, because Amazon was paying them full-price.

The U.S. Postal Service needs to compete to survive and that means acting more like a private business, says Megan J. Brennan. To that end, the USPS needs to concentrate on direct mail and package delivery, says the first female postmaster general who will take over after Patrick R. Donahoe retires on Feb. 1. Brennan details a few of her plans for the USPS in a Sunday article in The Wall Street Journal.

It seems Amazon, FedEx and UPS get all the credit for zippy package delivery when it's really the oft-dubbed "lumbering" U.S. Postal Service that's likely responsible, according to the Wall Street Journal article "For FedEx and UPS, a Cheaper Route: the Post Office."

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