Kevin Mabley

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

The Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council and Epsilon today released the Q4 2010 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks Results, which show an increase in conversion rates of 16.1 percent over Q4 2009.  The 2.9 percent conversion rate is the strongest over a two-year period.

The days of batch-and-blast marketing are over. Today's savvy consumers want—and expect—the commercial communications they receive to be timely, relevant and based on their previous interactions with the brand or program. They expect marketers to know what interests them and provide customized offers and information based on these interests, both explicitly stated through preference centers and implicitly stated through past purchases and previous interactions. The good news is technology is available to facilitate this activity, and marketers certainly are capable of providing content that meets consumer needs.

E-mail clickthroughs can be like hubs on bicycle wheels. A lot is going on around them and needs to connect through them in order to deliver its rider to a destination. So direct marketers believe optimizing e-mail clickthrough rates will help them reach their goals of higher sales.

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