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Direct Marketers Find Success With This Savory Demographic Edited By Kate Mason They'd rather stay in on a Saturday night and try a new Manchurian pork and zucchini dumpling recipe they've recently read about in their favorite culinary magazine. They know the difference between a cassoulet and a casserole, and they'd even travel 100 miles out of their way in search of the perfect cabernet for their next dinner party. Who are they? They're gourmet cooking enthusiasts—and, as a group they have enough discretionary income to whet direct marketers' appetites. The Cooking Crowd "Gourmet cooking is a hobby shared by

By Kate Mason If mailers look to the list industry as a barometer of direct marketing's overall health, they need not pull on their rainhats just yet! Even as uncertainty grips most markets—from catalogs to publishing—list companies are still expressing optimism about the future. John Papalia, president and CEO of Statlistics, poses a common attitude: "We may head into a long and difficult period of time and direct marketing has never known such a period or experienced a prolonged war time economy. I'm optimistic that America will flourish, but I'm hesitant to make any predictions right now." Despite the effects of a staggering

An Appetizing Target for Marketers By Kate Mason Whether you're in the mood for Japanese, Cajun, French or Thai, chances are you'll find the desired fare at a nearby restaurant. While restaurants open and close, change owners, and fire and hire staff daily, there never seems to be a shortage of eateries in almost any American neighborhood. According to the National Restaurant Association, there are more than 844,000 restaurants in the United States alone. It's no wonder then why the market of restaurant owners and chefs is so vast, and why target marketers are finding this group so very appetizing. What They Buy "This

By Kate Mason They're extraordinarily wealthy, highly educated, and have a penchant for purchasing high-priced items. Who are they? They're American antique collectors … and possibly a direct marketer's most desired target demographic group. ANTIQUERS' SPENDING HABITS "They're a dream demographic," says Patricia Hoffman, marketing and promotional manager for Arts & Antiques magazine, a publication that boasts a list of nearly 180,000 active subscribers with a median yearly income of $164,000. "These people are passionate about their hobby, and their purchasing percentages continue to rise." Apparently, the country's slumping economy hasn't rained on this group's purchasing parade: "On average, our readers spent $5,990 on

By Kate Mason Imagine a typical American golfer. Do you picture an older gentleman playing a pristine, private course, donning plaid pants, while deepening his perpetual, George Hamilton-inspired tan? If so, think again. Who They Are Perhaps surprisingly, the average age of the some 26.4 million U.S. golf enthusiasts is 39 years, and 75 percent of active golfers play on public, not private, courses. "There is a perception that golf has been a game for older, retired men," says Judy Thompson, director of media relations, National Golf Foundation. "But while the typical golfer is male, the average age has been fairly young

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