Kanye West

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.
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Kim Kardashian West "ignites controversy" with a Virgin Mary candle. This seems like a major brand awareness campaign. That may not sound like it makes sense, as Kim K. is angering many people. But in the school of any publicity is good publicity, which brands like Urban Outfitters, Zara and Nordstrom may have graduated from recently with their controversial products, Kim K. is taking it to the highest level.

From “gaming chairs” and kegerators to Pokémon backpacks and Transformers, half of parents are still filling back-to-school wish lists for offspring from college to elementary school students. Here’s how retailers can get in on the biggest online back-to-school season ever.

Whenever I got into childhood arguments with my dad, he would always win by saying, “There’s your version, my version and the truth.” When brands are looking for engagement, should they look for a good brawl, a la Taylor Swift and Kanye West, or stick with the truth?

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