Joanne DelGiorno

By Lisa Yorgey Lester It sounds like a simple, cost-cutting solution for direct marketers: exchanging lists of equal value with another mailer without transacting a single cent. No rental fees are incurred and highly desired access to sought-after, no-rent lists sometimes can be gained. But the swap still has its risks. Not only would you relinquish your own potential rental income, you must be vigilant about the actual worth of the names being bartered—and whether the ones you receive are equal to the ones you hand over. In essence, the list exchange is not merely a source of free names. So, when

For some sage advice on how to find new names to successfully prospect for donors in today's market, Target Marketing's Alicia Orr Suman talked with Joanne DelGiorno, managing director of direct response marketing at the American Diabetes Association. Target Marketing: Please describe for us the current prospecting environment for fund raising. How has it changed in the past year? DelGiorno: The environment for prospecting has been a challenge. Of course, there always are outside factors that you can never account for when you're planning your annual budget. However, this year has been like no other in recent memory. Luckily, the methodology

By Lisa Yorgey Mailing a campaign without doing sufficient list research is comparable to flushing money down the drain—no matter how good your product, offer or creative is. List selection is a highly skilled process based on experience—in a given market and with a particular list. And in this process, a broker can play an important role in a mailer's marketing strategy. Following are some of the numerous ways list brokers can contribute to the success of your marketing efforts. - Brokers bring to the table their experience with other mailers. "Because brokers often specialize in specific markets, they know how other mailers

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