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I live in Center City Philadelphia six blocks from Independence Hall. Around the corner is Philly’s hangout for mostly kids—what Gourmet magazine called “raffish South Street.” There you can get tattooed, body pierced, tanned, a fine Philly cheese steak at Jim’s, hear live funky music every night at TLA and foul stand-up routines at a comedy club, buy sex toys at Condom Kingdom, and eat at any of 40 neighborhood restaurants ranging from D+ to A+. If you’re a HOG, you will find Mako’s Retired Surfers Bar & Grill, where you will meet and greet other Harley-Davidson owners from all over the country. Plus,

Doing business with the little guy is probably a good idea Oct. 4, 2005: Vol. 1, Issue #36 IN THE NEWS With his father, W. K. Swan, Ken Swan was the creator of discovery cruising. From the early 1950s, Swan Hellenic offered excursions, led by scholars, diplomats, clerics or naturalists, to historical and archaeological sites-initially around the Mediterranean, and, after 1980, farther afield. --"Ken Swan, OBE, former managing director of Swan Hellenic, was born on April 3, 1919. He died on Aug. 21, 2005, aged 86." The Times of London, Sept. 30, 2005 Chuck Williams, who turns 90 on Sunday,

By Lois K. Geller Last week, I got lucky. I went to Philadelphia, my hometown, where I haven't been in ages (except for quick trips for meetings). My son, Paul, drove me because I'd broken my foot a week earlier racing for a cab. I'd been invited to deliver the keynote speech at the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association (PDMA) Conference. I give many speeches, and I've discovered that I get a pretty good impression of a group months before the actual event. I had a great feeling about the PDMA, because the organizers were terrific. So I wasn't surprised—as Paul supported me through

The Ultimate Direct Mail Checklist Formats • Envelope mailing • SnapPack • Self mailer • Tabbed correctly • Double postcard • Tabbed correctly • Entire bottom half is reply card1 • Triple postcard • Tabbed correctly • Magalog • Bookalog • Tabbed correctly • Catalog Size • #7-3⁄4 • Invitation • #10 • 6˝ x 9˝ • Slim-Jim • 9˝ x 12˝ • Jumbo • Other Offers • One-step offer • Two-step offer •

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