Jesse M. Brody

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Target Marketing readers are a discriminating lot. In 2014, the subjects they cared about most were copywriting, mobile email design, direct mail, LinkedIn, legal matters, and the relationship between print and digital marketing. The tally of the most popular Web articles of 2014 is based on the site's analytics and begins with the articles the magazine published online this year. Next up are pieces from past years that readers clicked on in 2014. Both numbers reach through to Monday's totals.

In today's competitive marketplace, companies are relying heavily on innovative and edgy promotions that often include submission of user-generated content, tweets, Facebook applications, blogging, viral marketing and other social networking elements. However, the tech-savvy marketing professionals who are entrusted to do so are often unaware of the complex legal overlay of the digital world and the potential significant financial repercussions for their company's failure to comply.

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