Jerry Bernhart

Coming into the second annual All About Marketing Tech virtual conference, one question has come up again and again: Are you just buying marketing technology, or are you empowering a marketing strategy?

Marketing today is a team sport. All the game-changing technology and techniques look great on paper, but they’re just scribbles without the people to make it happen. Building the team to use them to peak effectiveness means finding a more diverse and highly skilled roster than ever before.

It’s not too early to start thinking about what is ahead for your career with 2017 quickly approaching. What skills should you improve? How can you make yourself more appealing to potential employers, or position yourself for a promotion? To provide you with some direction, I recently spoke to executive digital and multichannel recruiting expert, Jerry Bernhart.

If you're an employer that recognizes you need new digital direct marketing approaches, you may be apprehensive about hiring new talent. Here is an eight-step plan to install the right digital marketing groundwork before hiring that new employee to make sure you are both successful.

I believe that because of enduring economic and social forces, we are in the very early stages of a golden era of employment for those who sell and market products and services over the Web, and the battle is on to lure the best talent available. What does this mean for job-seekers in the year to come? It means more and better offers, and abundant opportunities like we've never seen before. Here are my top five forecasts for 2014.

In Winterberry Group's "Global Outlook 2013" report, released in October, digital was forecast to capture almost all new marketing spend in 2013. That's good news for those with digital marketing know-how, especially in fast growing areas like mobile, social media, display advertising and email, so it's no surprise that these specialties have been moving up the charts. As I look into my crystal ball, and analyse the results of the latest Bernhart Associates Hiring Survey, here's my list of the top 10 direct and digital marketing positions that I think will be in greatest need in 2013.

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