Jeremy Zimmerman

Jeremy Zimmerman is Associate Content Editor for Target Marketing magazine and Direct Marketing IQ.

Thorin McGee is editor-in-chief and content director of Target Marketing and oversees editorial direction and product development for the magazine, website and other channels.

There’s coffee, and then there’s coffee. Some people — myself included — obsess over their cuppa joe to no end. There’s all sorts of variables involved: brewing methods, water temperature and purity, grind size and of course, the coffee itself. When it comes to sourcing my coffees, I’m a big fan subscription provider Mistobox. It’s almost like Birchbox, just for coffee.

Last week, I decided to head back to school. When a colleague sent me the information about the Internet Marketing Association's Certified Internet Marketing Course, I couldn't say no! A sort of Target Marketing U, if you will.

Talk about flipping the script. In an interesting move, last week some ad-blocking users — myself included — noticed that The Washington Post was taking a bold stance against site visitors who employ the software, shutting them out completely from reading its articles.

On Thursday, expanding photo-only social network Instagram announced a change to its format that sent waves through online communities worldwide: the end of its square-only approach to sharing visual media like photos and videos. But this change has far-reaching impact, not only for your personal pictures like selfies and sunsets, but for marketers as well.

I'm a large — and very vocal — fan of specialty coffee and it's brewing methods. So when I received an email from my coffee subscription service of choice, Mistobox, with the subject line "Friend with coffee benefits," I chuckled and gave it an open.

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