Jeff Drugmand

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Conference & Expo - Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk.

No longer are businesses who only sell physical products benefiting from the efforts of online marketing. Service-based businesses are also experiencing the positive influence SEO has on generating high-quality leads. During this case study, attendees will learn how Colorado Seamless Gutters increased its total number of leads by combining SEO best practices with Google Maps, PPC and call tracking.

Click here to view this webinar. 

Small businesses need help with search engine optimization, too. To that end, Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk will offer a live case study at noon on March 15 aimed at helping smaller marketers raise their search engine rankings. Here's a sneak peek at "Case Study: Lead Generation and SEO Success for SMB," from speaker Evan Griffin—three tips for optimizing SMB websites.

Jeff Drugmand needed to take his website's language out of the gutter. After all, the site's jargon about its roof-based precipitation chute was stumping the average customer—a home-owner, not a contractor—who tried to hire Colorado 
Seamless Gutters.

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