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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Go ahead and monkey around with your content marketing images, marketers. But remember to attribute all of the artists — even if they’re monkeys. Because copyright infringement lawsuits are expensive, but content marketing that includes images gets a much as 94% more views.

Content, content, content. Marketers need to create content to generate inbound leads—but just how much, what kind and where should it go? Carly Murphy, with Irvine, Calif.-based inbound marketing agency SmartBug Media, says there are five of these benchmarks for marketers to follow to ensure they're doing it right. First of all, marketers should already be tracking their existing traffic and leads, says Murphy, an associate inbound marketing consultant.

If most digital marketing programs or campaigns have a weak area, it's analytics. One recent study identified that the biggest talent and hiring gap in online marketing is in the analytics space. Thirty-seven percent of companies surveyed said that they desperately needed staff with serious data chops. If you're in the field of online marketing or content marketing and want to ensure that you're bringing the best data to bear on your projects, here's a quick look at some strategic approaches that can help you improve your performance in 2014. 

Content marketing growth is about evolution, not revolution. There's been no revolution in the content marketing space. People have been publishing content since the days of cavemen carving on cave walls. The rapid fusion of search and social digital technologies combined with a rapid desire from consumers and audiences to engage in new and creative ways has put content marketing as the hotspot on the search marketing "heat map." There's no doubt that growth and interest has evolved over time and has been heavily influenced by Google's algorithmic changes (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird).

We've asked a coterie of marketing experts to join Entrepreneur's Team Digital to provide answers to your common questions about building an online presence. … In this week's column, our Team Digital answers: What's a big social media mistake business owners make? Brian Solis: Ignoring social media altogether, because they don't have time to understand its impact. They write it off in the name of focusing on other more pressing priorities—or they misinterpret social media as distractions, silly networks and apps that kids use. Another mistake business owners make is they jump in to all of the hottest social properties

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