Jay Schwedelson

At this year's annual DMA show in scintillating San Francisco, I had to make a difficult decision at 11:15 a.m. on Monday. What session to attend? After all, there were literally 20 to (maddenly) choose from at that exact time.  

Emerging online strategies such as co-registration (a referral tactic), click-to-call technology (a tool for live leads) and e-mail exchanges (a targeted approach), can generate new leads at low costs. Contrary to popular belief, cost-per-lead marketing can be used within very tight target audiences by working with category-specific sites. Try a dry offer rather than an incentive offer, because the leads that are generated via these strategies are more highly responsive. Since you are paying for the leads on a cost-per-lead basis, your goal should not be to get the most leads, but to get the most qualified leads. It is helpful to use an autoresponder

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