Janine Vosseler

By Alicia Orr Suman Ask a dog lover to name his family members and he'll likely include Fido along with his wife and kids. "That's the nature of the pet owner," says Geoff Walker, CEO of PetFoodDirect.com, an Internet seller of pet food and other pet products. Particularly when it comes to dogs and cats, pets are seen as part of the family, and as such, people want the best for their pets—from toys and treats to food and healthcare. Last year, the Pet Food Institute reported there were more than 75 million pet

by David O. Schwartz and Janine Vosseler If you were asked, "What is the single most important component in a direct mail campaign," how would you answer? Do you think it is the creative concept (i.e., what the piece looks like) or would you place the offer as the most critical component? If you guessed either, you are wrong and you are not alone. Many otherwise savvy marketers fail to recognize that it is the mailing list which most influences the success of a direct mail campaign. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness often causes them to select and use mailing lists in ways which

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