James Thornton

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I received this email about Jame Thornton's passing a couple of weeks ago from Anthony Green, which was truly sad news. Thornton was a brilliant genius, a serial entrepreneur and known to many as Mr. Direct Marketing SE Asia.

By Lisa Yorgey Lester Logistics and language skills are two reasons why it often pays to establish an overseas call center responsible for taking calls from international customers. The real question is whether to set up your own shop or outsource. To decide if outsourcing your global call center operations is your best solution, consider your strategic focus and how your company is organized. If the call center is the essence of your operation, you may want to establish your own overseas facility. This requires a hefty capital investment coupled with different, and often strict, labor laws, but may be worth the effort if

By James Thornton Until four years ago, I held the same prejudice against telemarketing that I now hold against unsolicited e-mail: I felt it was a crass invasion of my privacy. My views have changed since I've had a good experience through an interest I hold in a global subscription marketing operation that sells subscriptions out of the Philippines. We hired a small group of telemarketers on a test basis to follow up leads from an acquisition program and to call expired subscribers. The acquisition campaign results were marginal, while the retention campaign worked well. It worked so well the company's overall renewal rate

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