Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton's third law of physics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But does it work when applied to direct mail campaigns? In the case of the generous 75-label premium package (604EAPAVE0503A) with a follow-up reminder sent by the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association (EPVA), in Wilton, NH, the answer would be a resounding "Yes." "Mailing more in a package usually translates to more responses," says John Hamre, group director—who notes that though this package looks costly, it is an effort that the EPVA does not consider an expensive investment since, in the long run, it offers very high value.

Edited by Brendan Maher Don't forget what you learned in high-school physics, implores Jerry Shereshewsky, the direct marketer who lists among his claims to fame the creation of Mello Yellow for the Coca-Cola Co. and making online promotional marketing company Yoyodine attractive enough to catch the attention of Yahoo!, which bought it. Among the inimitable laws every marketer should remember, are those of Sir Isaac Newton the 18th century physicist, astronomer, alchemist and theologian who turned the world upside down because he saw an apple fall to the ground. At the DMA 83rd Conference & Exhibition this past fall, Shereshewsky explained how Newton, a

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