Irv Brechner

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

As a longtime, big-time New York Giants fan, I'm on cloud nine and will be for a long time. After hearing and reading about how the Giants' coaching staff and players overcame adversity to win the biggest game, I realized we marketers could learn from the way Coach Tom Coughlin and his staff won six "do-or-die" games in a row to capture the crown.

It's no secret that many consumers who see a DRTV commercial go online to request more information or make a purchase. Yet, if you watch any number of DRTV spots and infomercials, the percentage of marketers who are tracking Web activity from DRTV is miniscule. As a result, marketers could be canceling profitable DRTV media placements because they appear to be unprofitable, simply because Web orders are not taken into account.

Human habits can sure be inconvenient for companies that want to properly attribute sales to marketing efforts. For instance, when consumers watch a direct response television spot and decide to respond via the Web, they may not use that catchy URL. Viewers may, instead, use a search engine to type in the company name, the product or service name, or the most memorable phrase from the commercial.

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