Greg Jarboe

When it comes to ranking in Google search, many webmasters in highly competitive markets wonder if it's possible to compete against larger, established sites, especially without using black hat techniques. This is the topic Google's Matt Cutts addressed in the latest webmaster help video. "Matt, [do] the good guys still stand a chance? We're a small company that hired an SEO firm that we thought was legit, but destroyed our rankings with spam backlinks. We've tried everything but nothing helps. What can a company with good intentions do?"

In an interview conducted at SES 2013 in San Francisco, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR explains how to optimize videos on YouTube to increase traffic and views. Greg shared with us the "secret sauce" of YouTube search engine optimization in the video below:

24 Marketers Look Into The Future: To get beyond the conventional forecasts, I asked a group of leading marketers across a range of expertise for their most extreme marketing prediction for 2012. Their responses are a quick roundup that could be conveyed on a smartphone. Here are 24 extreme marketing forecasts that take a look inside the minds of some marketing leaders. Social networks will not become the dominant messaging platform, but they will drive more email use.

When you think of search engine marketing, we live in a much bigger world than just Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, I sat in on sessions for YouTube and Facebook search optimization. Answering what it means to be a search engine optimizer is more complicated than it used to be. According to Alexa, the top three sites are: Google Facebook YouTube If you are looking to get the most exposure to the biggest audiences, you probably want to seriously consider some sort of campaigns with these sites. In this column, I wanted

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