Grant Epstein

USADATA's combination of data, consultative support, and easy-to-use technology are helping clients achieve a greater return on their marketing investment. And the icing on the cake - clients can win prizes for it.

Small businesses are increasing their marketing return on investment through USADATA's free consultative support. USADATA offers businesses access to its team of live Data Specialists in addition to educational materials that help businesses market their product or service more effectively and precisely. This combination of support is allowing businesses to find new customers faster and more profitably.

When you think about February, it’s easy to picture Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and snowy weather. Small business owners in the HVAC and lawn care industries, however, associate February with something completely different — purchasing mailing lists and promoting their business through direct mail.

Wondering if traditional direct mail marketing will be a viable channel in 2010? Although marketers are shifting some of their 2010 spend to social media, 42 percent of surveyed businesses in StrongMail's "2010 Marketing Trends Survey," still planned to invest in direct mail campaigns. Additionally, the Winterberry Group reports that direct marketing spending will maintain 2009 levels.

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