George Bilbrey

Q: Our sender reputation is pretty bad. I know we need to make changes to our email program, but are we better off just moving to a clean IP address to get out from under the mess we've made?

A: It sounds so logical and works in so many other areas: When things are going badly, make a fresh start. Unfortunately, in the world of email reputation and deliverability, there are no fresh starts. Why? Well, the reason reputation metrics are so important is that they help ISPs differentiate your email from spammers. 

ISPs block domains in part based on the number of "unknown user " errors generated when sending mass e-mails. Keeping your e-mail list clean and current will help lower the percentage of bad addresses on your list resulting in "unknown user " codes at ISPs. Some things you should do: * Use a bounce algorithm that will remove all bad addresses from your file promptly, handing both "inline" and "message" bounces. * Process your file through a consumer-reported e-mail change-of-address service. * Run your file through a list hygiene service. * Require double entry of addresses for accuracy. * Check addresses for RFC compliance

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