Frans Van Hulle

Frans van Hulle co-founded PX, the world’s first transparent customer acquisition platform that provides a single marketplace for companies to acquire customers from hundreds of vetted and sought-after sources. The company provides a mar tech solution for marketers to grow and efficiently scale their customer base, and is active in the Home Services, Financial Services, and Insurance industries.

As professionals, we are often resistant to change. Sticking to a routine is often easier than relearning something, even if it makes you more effective. That being said, if you are still using Excel spreadsheets to track your leads, you are seriously missing out on some of the great things that automated tools can offer you. Tracking leads in your sales pipeline is essential in helping marketers to forecast ROI, to manage their workload and to determine the status of their leads.

In recent weeks, new Federal Communication Commission rules took effect to further protect consumers under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA). The changes ordered by the FCC are designed to protect consumers from unwanted autodialed or pre-recorded telemarketing calls, also known as "telemarketing robocalls." The new TCPA rules accomplish four main things:

Expanding into new verticals is a major component of online lead generation. Creative marketers and online entrepreneurs alike are interested in growing and expanding their businesses, especially if there is a good fit with other activities in their portfolios. But the lead generation industry is also a very competitive industry where David and Goliath meet on a daily basis. Big, established companies and smaller businesses are both fighting over their pieces of pie. These seven tips will make it easier for smaller companies to establish themselves in industries dominated by big businesses.

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