Dimitri Garder

Question: What tactics should international direct marketers employ to maintain the integrity of global data? Answers: • Seek resources and expertise specifically addressing the complexities of international data. This can include training your in-house data capture staff on the particular details of international data, using industry experts and resources to improve data capture and data management practices, and/or working with suppliers that have significant experience with international data. • International data often contains foreign accent characters, diacritics or local-language text characters that are not supported by most domestic computer systems. Be aware of the large number of different international data encoding standards that exist to store this information,

By Lisa Yorgey Lester How to get better data and better delivery. Achieving data quality with international addresses is a complicated process, whether you're mailing to your own file or rented names. Postal addresses often are longer than U.S. addresses, and formats vary from country to country. Some countries may use multiple formats, such as Switzerland, which has three—one for each of its official languages. To help you get a handle on international address accuracy, here are some best practices for data collection and data cleansing. Clean Up Your House The first

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