David Scott

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Conference & Expo - Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk.

Email marketing is one of the most reliable lead generation tactics. No customer acquisition tool offers better ROI for the money. Too bad your campaigns always seem to catch a cold. Do you spend all your time trying to get into the inbox? Do you have to fight other brands for customer attention? How can you possibly hope to stand out? How can you ensure success?

This workshop is the cure to your email ills. Marketfish Director of User Experience, Jonathan Chicquette, runs some HTMLs through a battery of tests, analyzing such criteria as:

    * Inbox Deliverability
    * Effectiveness of Subject Line and Body Copy
    * Strength of Your Call to Action
    * HTML Formatting
    * CAN-SPAM Compliance

Click here to view this webinar. 

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