Dave Frankland

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

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Sure, there are all these nifty tools out there to make life easier, but many companies are still struggling with how to institutionalize change—especially when it comes to integration. Businesses wanting to become the customer-centric ideal need to have communications cross channels, embedded with the data necessary to allow cross-trained personnel to nimbly respond.

In Forrester Research’s most recent evaluation of U.S. database marketing service providers (MSPs), Dave Frankland, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, identified Epsilon, KBM Group, and Targetbase as the vendors with the strongest performance because of their analytical and strategic approach to the business, paired with broad capability and strong delivery.

Target Marketing spoke with Forrester Research’s Senior Analyst Dave Frankland, who provided database marketing tips for 2008. Target Marketing: What factors are driving database marketing investments at direct marketing companies? Dave Frankland: Analytics is probably the biggest driver of marketing investment right now. Marketers are investing in visualization technologies, market mix modeling, as well as predictive and descriptive analytics. Analytics tools have become more user-friendly, such that nontechnical marketers can glean insight that in the past would have required time and input from technical resources. The power of insight is sitting directly with those that have the power to execute as a result. Marketing

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