Dan Plunkett

By Dan Plunkett What should a marketer who is new to insert media look for in an insert media brokerage? This is an extremely important question, because success can depend on the assistance a marketer receives from its brokerage. As a former marketer, I remember that testing a new medium held a number of risks, not the least of which was the risk that I would be held responsible for campaigns I recommended and initiated. New test budgets were scrutinized, and failure in the initial test tended to kill any further funding. So what is important when considering an insert media brokerage? Media

By Hallie Mummert Next month, the postal rates will rise again for the second time this year. Here's a little more salt for the wound: In the past seven months, your postage costs most likely have increased by an average of $14/M to $16/M for letter-size mailings and $18/M to $33/M for flat-size mailings. Is it any wonder that managers and brokers of alternate media programs are seeing more interest in these less costly alternatives to solo direct mail? "Anytime you see an increase on a fixed cost of doing business or a declining of response rates, you will find mailers

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