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Well, email marketing may not be "an energy field created by all living things" that "surrounds us and penetrates us" and "binds the galaxy together," but marketers can use the powerful force of email for good. The "Star Wars: A New Hope" quote from Obi-Wan Kenobi comes when Kenobi explains to Luke Skywalker that the force is what gives the Jedi power. Triggers can boost email marketers' power, find Colleen T. Reese and Anthony Wilkey of Emailvision. Regarding the former, Reese, a LinkedIn Integrated Marketing Mix group member, created the discussion "Multichannel Marketing Thursdays: When are the best times to pull the (email) trigger?"

Maybe you're like 4-year-old Abby Evans and you're so tired of hearing about "Bronco Obama and Mitt Romney" that the thought of hearing more makes you burst into tears. Or maybe you can't get enough of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and the other candidates. If it's the latter, Colleen T. Reese has a poll for you: "The Direct Marketing Election—Which political party takes the marketing cake?"

You're a guy. You're on Facebook. You're thinking about going to that party tonight while absentmindedly checking out your new friend request and—Bam!—you get bombed by a creepy condom ad from the hypothetical son you could create if you meet someone tonight and you're not careful. That's the scenario that probably played out for plenty of men targeted by Olla Condoms. It's what Target Marketing magazine blogger Rio Longacre calls "The creepiest social campaign I have ever seen."

Getting punny this week, "Multichannel Marketing Fails … Who Really Dropped the Brand?" is the question posed by LinkedIn Integrated Marketing Mix group member Colleen T. Reese. On Twitter, a brand "#fail" can easily become a "trending topic." But public embarrassment is only part of the problem, Reese says. "To most people, this is a source of light entertainment," she writes. "To marketers and PR folk, branding mistakes cost money, time and, most importantly, trust."

Inspirational people. If you're lucky, you know one or two. Maybe they helped you realize your dream, strike out on your own or just believe in yourself. If that culminated in you becoming a direct marketer or a better marketer, it's a story we'd like to hear in the LinkedIn group "Integrated Marketing Mix." Group member Colleen T. Reese started the discussion "NEW! Multichannel Marketing Thursdays: Who Inspires You to Market Smarter?"

Early voting may be controversial in politics right now, but it's perfectly fine in the LinkedIn group "Integrated Marketing Mix." "NEW! Multichannel Marketing Thursdays: Is Direct Mail Junk Mail?" is the subject of the poll Group member Colleen T. Reese created. She writes: "Chet Dalzell's [blog] post on Target Marketing has sparked a lot of heated discussion. So we'd like to ask you … What is the real difference between 'Direct Mail' and 'Junk Mail?' "

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