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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Target Marketing readers are a discriminating lot. In 2014, the subjects they cared about most were copywriting, mobile email design, direct mail, LinkedIn, legal matters, and the relationship between print and digital marketing. The tally of the most popular Web articles of 2014 is based on the site's analytics and begins with the articles the magazine published online this year. Next up are pieces from past years that readers clicked on in 2014. Both numbers reach through to Monday's totals.

Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) are now not only revealing which sites are mobile-friendly, but which ones aren't, according to the Search Engine Roundtable. On Tuesday, Barry Schwartz's article "Google's Text Version of Mobile-Friendly Web Pages in Search Results" shows significant progression during the past month in Google's SERP labeling. He found mobile icons appearing this month next to mobile-friendly results. On Monday, he saw crossed-out mobile icons next to some results that led to mobile-unfriendly sites. On Tuesday, Schwartz spotted text ("mobile-friendly") to the right of the appropriate URLs. [Editor's note: Searches on an Android device did not yield the same results as Schwartz found.

Standard email best practices were developed to optimize email for desktop users viewing through Web browsers or email clients. However, email is increasingly being read on mobile devices. According to Return Path, mobile email open rates increased 34 percent in the second half of 2011, while webmail and desktop opens declined. Which best practices still apply to designing email for a mobile world?

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