Chris Chariton

We've all seen one. We've clicked on a link to get a whitepaper, and then there it was: the landing page. But what made you fill out the form and give up your contact information? More importantly, what didn't stop you from filling out the form? Odds are that it was easy to do and involved quality branding. Follow these 10 tips for improving landing pages and see if you notice a difference in your conversions.

To learn how to defeat their enemies, kings and other rulers once relied on soothsayers who read animal entrails or on astrologers who charted the stars to divine the future. More recently, farmers (and others) relied on the Farmers' Almanac to decide whether that new winter coat or snowblower would be a good or bad investment. Gaining a glimpse into what tomorrow holds has always been a strategic advantage. Fortunately, today we have something a little better than entrails or stars to guide us—namely, hard data.

Changes in the digital world of marketing keep coming fast and furious. As a marketer, it can be challenging to know which online trends are important and which are nothing but fads. One thing most marketers do know by now is that digital marketing is marketing—in other words, with your audience having fully migrated online to search for suppliers, products and services, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your prospects and customers.

Email marketing is alive and well across a variety of industries as an effective channel for communicating with customers and prospects. However, inboxes are more crowded than ever. Many emails are deleted without being looked at while others never make it past spam filters. If you want to capture the attention of their audience, you need to know these five new rules of email marketing.

The balance between branding and lead generation is as old as the battle between sales and marketing. The reality is that the two viewpoints are not mutually exclusive. The following are some ways sales and marketing can work together to generate leads and build the brand as part of the same effort.

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