Chris Baggott

The world of content marketing is full of mystery and intrigue with companies leveraging every possible resource to achieve a competitive advantage. In the fast changing world of digital marketing, no resource is more valued than the coveted “content marketing secret agent.” These covert content operatives perform their customer segmentation, persona development and editorial planning in the dead of night while most marketers are asleep, snug in their beds. ... You can download the e-book pdf file directly here: Content Marketing Secrets eBook.

A company could sit back and wait for customers to post something nice about its products and services on their social media pages. But why not be proactive and help stimulate and facilitate this word of mouth? That's the concept behind the test Bellevue, Wash.-based travel firm Expedia recently launched with the support of Compendium Blogware, a blog software company in Indianapolis.

Blogs are picking up speed as a channel for winning better organic search results, converting more prospects and developing a more humanized, authentic brand. “Blogs are still not quite here yet in the majority of businesses, but the adoption is becoming quick because people are starting to finally recognize that this gives you a way to humanize your business … and get back to people-to-people interactions,” says Chris Baggott, CEO and co-founder of Compendium Software, a blog software provider based in Indianapolis. With minimal setup costs, the benefits of starting a blog are just as powerful for small and large companies—with small companies pulling

Chris Baggott, an award-winning blogger and co-founder of blogging software firm Compendium Blogware, advised organizations in a Jan. 31 webinar on "Top 10 Trends in Corporate Blogs" to carefully consider the following Top 10 blogging trends during 2008:

Marketing guru Chris Baggott, author of “Email Marketing by the Numbers” offers some insights to help you make the most of your e-mail marketing. Stay out of the spam folder. The same things that make e-mail valuable to you also make it valuable to spammers. There is a lot of bad e-mail out there, and if your message gets lumped in with the trash, it will mean ruined constituent relationships for you. And you don’t have to sell questionable sexual enhancement products to be labeled a spammer. Even trustworthy organizations can abuse e-mail. Get your recipients to act. One of the most glaring issues for

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