Carrie Burns

For the social acquisition chain analysis, we looked at four ads on social networking sites to determine the effectiveness of customer acquisition chains (CACs). The advertisements shown here appeared on Facebook and LinkedIn. Here are the results:

Most mobile ads are within applications (apps). We found three inside game, weather, sports and other apps. Mobile ads may be the tiniest of all—measuring 2”X ¼”, so the need for a clean and relevant mobile landing page is critical. Here are three good examples.

Paid search is a more complex customer acquisition chain than all the others, as there is an extra link involved. Consumers search on a particular term and then see organic and paid ads, from which they choose. Clicking on any of those links takes them to the advertiser’s site. As a result, the initial link “ad message” now becomes two links: search term and search results page. After that, the rest of the links are the same. For this analysis, we entered four keywords based on products/services that we were interested in purchasing.

To investigate the DRTV-to-online acquisition chain, we looked at eight infomercials and short-forms during January and February, 2012. Consumers who watch TV commercials respond in three ways: (a) calling the 800 number, (b) going to the URL on the screen, and (c) typing product names and search terms into search engines like Google and Bing. For this analysis, we looked at both the website link and what the advertisers were doing in search:

We looked at three catalogs that we received in our homes during December 2011, and January 2012. Because catalogs are expensive to produce and mail, being able to give consumers a good experience as they go from the physical catalog to the site is critical. Here are some good examples of how it’s done well:

We looked at eight direct mail pieces that we received in our homes during January, 2012. Clearly direct mail has a cost, so having a solid mail-to-Web link is very important to capture customers and leads. Here’s what we found:

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