C.C Chapman

The world of content marketing is full of mystery and intrigue with companies leveraging every possible resource to achieve a competitive advantage. In the fast changing world of digital marketing, no resource is more valued than the coveted “content marketing secret agent.” These covert content operatives perform their customer segmentation, persona development and editorial planning in the dead of night while most marketers are asleep, snug in their beds. ... You can download the e-book pdf file directly here: Content Marketing Secrets eBook.

24 Marketers Look Into The Future: To get beyond the conventional forecasts, I asked a group of leading marketers across a range of expertise for their most extreme marketing prediction for 2012. Their responses are a quick roundup that could be conveyed on a smartphone. Here are 24 extreme marketing forecasts that take a look inside the minds of some marketing leaders. Social networks will not become the dominant messaging platform, but they will drive more email use.

Visitors arrive at your landing page for a specific purpose by clicking online ads and links in emails and social media messages you’ve created.  But sometimes, visitors get packing as soon as they even get there. How come? 1. It looks nothing like the ad’s call to action or theme. How many times have you clicked an ad or link in an email only to find out that the page you land on has nothing to do with the ad or link? That mistake is so unbelievably irritating

When it comes to generating B-to-B demand, content is King. Not brochure-ware, but content that speaks directly to your prospect, propels the conversation, and advances the sales cycle. This article is a crash course on how to create a visual content framework required for successful demand generation, in six simple steps.

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